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Mayor's Office

Hello, I am Kim Han-Geun, Mayor of Gangneung.
Welcome and thank you for visiting
the official website of Gangneung city.
We are proud of beautiful nature...
Mayor of Gangneung김한근


  • Gangneung Danoje Festival

    GangneungDanoje Festival was designated as an importantintangible cultural heritage no. 13 on January 16, 1967 anddesignated as UNESCO Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible...

  • Gangneung Coffee Festival

    Drink coffee in Gangneung, it doesn't mean just drinkinga favorite cup of drink. It means to enjoy the unique coffeeculture and feel the emotion.

  • Jeongdongjin Independent Film& Video Festival(JIFF)

    Jeongdongjin Independent Film& Video Festival(JIFF) wasfirst held in the playground of Jeongdong Elementary schoolin 1999 and held until today. There were many difficulties in...



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